Three Reasons to Upgrade Your Fuse Board
Commercial Electrical Services and Consumer Unit Installation in Market Harborough

Is your fuse board old and defective? Do you own a business and are worried about sudden power outages? Based in Market Harborough, we provide a full consumer unit installation service for our clients in the wider Leicestershire area. An essential component for any property, a fuse board prevents electrocution, electrical fires and other hazards. Alongside our new consumer unit installations, we also offer electrical testing, rewiring and a range of other commercial electrical services.

Older fuse boards are unlikely to meet current standards, and businesses need to keep up to date with regulations in order to avoid a hefty fine. 

Our domestic electricians cover the wider Market Harborough area with high specification replacements. Visit our website gallery to examples of our work. Here are three reasons to upgrade your fuse board.

Save on Insurance

Many insurance companies view an older fuse board as a ticking time bomb and will often charge large premiums until you have your consumer unit replaced. 

A fantastic investment, by upgrading your fuse board you are likely to see a reduction in your insurance, paying back any money spent on a new installation.

Offering electrical testing and rewiring, we provide properties in the local area with domestic and commercial electrical services, including consumer unit installations.

Improved Safety 

The main benefit of a new fuse board is the tangible increase in safety. As older models age, they are more prone to electrical faults, which cause fires, electric shocks and poor efficiency. 

By having a newer component installed by a domestic electrician, you can be assured that your Market Harborough property will be much less likely to experience an electrical fault or power outage.

Why not consider a full or partial rewiring alongside your fuse board replacement? The peace of mind that comes from having your faulty wires replaced is always a worthy investment.

Ease of Usage

With recent developments in technology, new consumer units now have circuit breakers which turn off the power a fraction of a second after detecting a short circuit. This replaces the old method of having a fuse burn out when a fault occurs, which can be a chore to reset.

Instead of hiring someone to replace a blown fuse, you can now turn on the power with a flick of a switch. Innovations like these are far more convenient and are an essential upgrade for any home or business.

Delivering consumer unit installations, rewiring, electrical testing and other commercial electrical services, our domestic electricians are the smart choice for properties in the wider Market Harborough area.

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